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                  • · "Sword", who in May

                    Release time:2015-07-08 0Review 0Views
                    May is an exciting season, May is a red season, May is a season full of vitality! May 19th, Huasheng furniture sales elite gathered in the headquarters auditorium, bursts of applause, the sound of gongs and drums, cries constantly! 5.18 day is a day wo
                  • · Yao Yonghong and his career ten years "fast" Huasheng Company…

                    Release time:2015-07-07 0Review 0Views
                    Thirty-fifth 2015 Guangzhou Office Furniture Fair has just concluded, the Chinese Sheng furniture in the exhibition has achieved very good sales performance! Over the same period, sponsored by the office furniture of China Furniture Association Profession
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